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26th September 2012

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They were mind blowing! Their set got cut short but I was talking to the guitarist afterwards and he was telling me they had three songs left so I asked him was “rum” one of them because that was my favourite! He said yeah that was and tequila and he forgot the last one “some other one”! I told him it sucked that I missed my favourite song because the venue or whomever cut their set short and he said “ah, don’t worry about it man we’ll definitely be back over”! He seemed like a really cool guy! 

Dragon force were amazing as well, the new singer is fucking ace! I don’t need to say that though I mean they were the main act! 

The alestorm guys were funny on stage! “We’re in Ireland now so we’re going to sing a song about a drink that’s very famous in your country! If we can remember how to play it, we’ve never played it live before, we went into the studio to record it and then forgot about it and we practised it a little yesterday!” Then the crowd were shouting different things “Guinness”, “whiskey” then as if it was a normal thing the singer said “no not whiskey! It isn’t Guinness, this next song is buckfast!”

The first band that played “the defiled” were pretty good! I mean they were a little sloppy, but in that rock and roll way! Like it wasn’t their playing that was sloppy just their sound! It was pretty cool! The guy’s looked awesome as well! With like a futuristic gas mask on the guitarist and the bassist looked like the guy from the borderlands cover! It was really cool! 

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24th September 2012

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Catch up!

I feel like I haven’t written anything about me in a good long while! So let’s do this!

  • I applied for college and I got the course I wanted to get! I’m not studying business! It’s a three year course and I have the option to get a bachelors degree if I do a fourth year! 
  • The college is pretty cool! Although the computers are AWFUL! They have internet explorer! Every time I use a different computer I just install chrome! It’s not only that though! The keyboards are really old as well and the buttons stick some times because I hit them at the wrong angle or something!
  • Having free wifi I can use my phone with is pretty cool though! 
  • I got a new phone! I can now use the internet on my phone so if anyone has whatsapp and wants to text me: +353851039905 Work away!
  • On the 15th I was at a Firewind/ leaves eyes concert and it blew my mind! I never really listen to leaves eyes but they really nailed it! It was amazing! Firewind (the band I went for) were amazing as well! Like they looked like they were having the most fun! 
  • On the 20th I saw Ensiferum and that also blew my mind! One of the bands that were meant to be on before them pulled out so the gig started later! The other band were really great! Their music was cool but their performance  was kind of stale, like you could tell they were a little nervous! Ensiferum just blew the place apart though! They were just an unstoppable force from start to finish! Really really great!
  • Tomorrow the 25th I have another concert to go to! Dragonforce! i’m expecting pretty big things from these guys! Alestorm are on jut before them and I’m really hoping they are a lot of fun because their music is so much fun! 
  • I hate this time of the year! I got sad last night and the only  reason I did was because it got dark early and I REALLY HATE THAT! Like we just didn’t have a good summer this year! It was so rainy and crap all the time! 
  • I started getting into twitter lately because it’s easier to use in college! Iwannarotmore is my name on there if you wanna follow me! 

Anyway that’s pretty much all of it right now! OFF TO CLASS! Business accounting 1!

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10th April 2012

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I am going to see dragonforce live.

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2nd February 2012

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Smoky look.

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28th January 2012

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I wish the dragonforce tab

would update as quickly as they can play.

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